35 Years of Cumulation

After evolving with great accolades for more than 35 years in the construction industry and creating exceptional living spaces for thousands, we are pleased to announce that our firm now has become Demir Group, incorporating 6 companies within its body.

Demir İnşaat (Demir Construction) being the flagship, the newly incorporated companies are Demir Enerji Yatırımları (Demir Energy Investments), Demir Proje ve Tasarım (Demir Project and Design), Demay Gayrimenkul Pazarlama ve Satış (Demay Real Estate Marketing and Sales), Demir Proje Yönetimi (Demir Project Management) and DAY Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri (DAY Insurance Intermediary Services).

As Demir Group, our goal at home is to create areas of business to generate new employment, to serve our nation and our state and to contribute to the development of our country.

Whereas in abroad, it is our aim to represent our country in the best way possible by creating new business opportunities, primarily in Ukraine and Germany.